Command Line FTP:

Steps to FTP from the command line:

1. Click on the windows "Start" button, select "Run".

2. Type "command" & press Enter.

3. Type "ftp" & press Enter.

4. At the user prompt, enter "clients" & press Enter.

5. At the password prompt, enter "clients1j" & press Enter.

6. Type "bin" & press Enter to set the file transfer mode to binary.

7. Type "lcd" & press enter to determine the current directory for your machine. Change directory by typing "lcd <new_dir_name>". To go up to the next higher folder type "lcd ..". Note: It is usually easier to transfer files close to the root directory (i.e. C:\ ) to minimize searching for the desktop folder or other distant directories.

8. Type "ls" or "dir" to determine the current directory of the server. Note: Using the "clients" account only allows access to the "clients" folder.

9. To put files from your computer onto the server, type "put <filename>".

10. To get files from the server to download to your computer type "get <filename>".

Windows Commander:

Finally, "Windows Commander" automates this for you, but its 1.7MB. Here's a link to download from this site: Windows Commander -- Just right click on this link & select "save as" & download to the appropriate directory. To use Windows Commander to get & put files from "":

1. Go to the "Net" menu at the top of the window - click on it & select "ftp connect".

2. Click the "New Connection" button.

3. In the "Session" field enter a name for you to remember the connection by (i.e. reynoldsddc).

4. In the "(Host name (Port)" field enter "".

5. In the "User Name:" field enter "clients" & in the "Password:" field enter "clients1j".

6. Click the "O.K." button. A new connection should appear in the "Connect to ftp server" window.

7. Highlight the connection and click on the "Connect" button.

8. You should be logged into the "" folder. Navigate to your desired local machine path in the window showing your local files.

9. To upload a file: RIGHT click on the desired file to upload (it will turn red), then left click on the file & drag it into the other window. Same process for getting (downloading) files from the server.